Pimping the flowers

Last week I made some paper flowers but was not to thrilled with the final result. I like experimentation, no-pattern projects and I also like making my own pragmatical version of things I see. (which is exciting and risky also) My flowers were missing something. I decided to add a rosette in the center , I created it using this tutorial.Now I like them a lot. They look as a sketch instead of pretending to be a real flower!!! I like crafts to look like crafts instead of trying to be too realistic.






Rebellious flowers

I was surfing the web when found one of the most precious websites I have ever seen. I specially fell in love with the paper work and glass tutorial (my favorite materials). So I decided to make a rebellious adaptation of some of the paper flower tutorial.

I wanted the flowers to look like a 3D hand drawing.

I used:

Paper that I painted myself watercolor style with diluted acrylic paint.

Tread, needle, sketching pencil and glue

Wire hanger

Some cotton yarn por the “branches”

I wanted:

My flowers to look like a 3D sketch instead of them trying to imitate natural flowers.

The actual lines of the hand drawing to be visible and part of the final project

What I did:

I did not use a pattern but drew the flowers hand free in 3 different sizes to layer them together after.

I sew the 3 layers together in a messy way ( I thought this could look interesting)

I used a an orange stick to fold the petals a little and give more of a 3D look.

Then I cut the hanger in 4 (not the same length)

I wrapped the yarn around the hanger and secured it with a few stitches. Then I stitched each flower to one of the “stems” and finally put them all together forming a free form branch using more yarn.

Some process pics below:




Some more pics. The flowers really look like a 3D from my sketchbook!

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Sketch in a bottle

I have lots of jars that I have decorated, painted and upcycled on the last few months given my jar fever. I also have some plastic bottles that are sitting around waiting to be used in a project.

A couple of nights ago I was feeling a little bit bored and creative at the same time so I decided to do something about that, I had some sharpies and permanent markers that I had been using to actually work and so I thought about sketching a little something onto my bottles and jars.

This came out very interesting, I pretty much did hand free drawing and started giving it some sense as I went along. I guess you can use a stencil if you want to do something similar in a more tidy manner ;)

I even experimented with some colored markers. Some of them like the Prismacolor markers I have give a slight effect of colored glass but the look is still sketchy which I like.

The plastic bottle will hold my dry hydrangeas for a while.

Note: I changed a little bit the water mark I use for my pics and I like it better ;)

Enjoy! N






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Collage in a shoe box

I went to a concert yesterday and the program was given to me in beautiful glossy paper. I brought home and decided to make a collage with it. I used a shoe box that I had as I base. Collage is a very important element of pop art and I would say that one of the basic rules is to actually upcycle and re-use elements that were initially “born with different purposes” such as magazine paper, concert programs, even food labels.

You will need: Printed paper, mod podge (or any water based white glue) dissolved in water,scissors, brush and carton base (whatever you want or have handy like cereal, shoe or makeup boxes).

I would also recommend to apply a coat of matte varnish if you want the object to me more durable, it has to be water based or else it can ruin the printed paper. Dont worry about wrinkles, they are part of the nature of collaging. You can actually work them out to be part of the composition. Do apply several coats of the water dissolved podge so the paper layer become one.



This gentlemen became part of my composition, I cut the edges around him and glued him on top of my basic composition to give a slight 3d look.20120920-194222.jpg


If you want try to balance the tones and hues a little bit by mixing realistic photos with abstract patterns (printed letters work great for balancing the composition of a collage)20120920-194242.jpg

Here two of my collage boxes.




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Red lush

I have recently discovered that I have a weakness for red shoes and accesories.


Given that my basic wardrobe consists of black I think it is OK. My mom always says that I am very “conservative” when it comes to style.

Here my lovely and almost new red rubber shoes, a scarf and my computer sleeve in amazing red leather. The sleeve is from a Costa Rican leather designer who is also my friend. ;)

My red shoes, my scarf and a very basic bag that I turned into a red accessory my adding some rosettes I made out of an old T-Shirt. Rosettes are very easy to make and therefore I love to make them. Also you can use a tutorial for a different type of flower. I glued mine to my bag using a hot glue gun.

A cool picture of my foot wearing a red shoe, I wore them today with a long denim skirt and a basic tank.




Make up organizer DIY

Homemade make up organizer using a plastic lotion bottle and some scratch paper. I added a few rosettes I hade made a while ago.

In order to hold the brushes and lipsticks I poured some sea salt inside.


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